Website builder online

Do you think that to make your website by yourself is the most difficult or even impossible?

Not at all!

In order to understand how to make your website in the website builder online, you need only a desire and a few simple steps.

All website builders possess interface that does not require time for studying it.

The goal of any website builder is to help you make your own website within the shortest possible time.

It’s true – you can build your own website in 5 minutes!

Website builder is software for creating websites without any special programming knowledge. As a rule, site builder is a separate service, but also it can be provided as additional by hosting companies. As part of the free service it is usually provided with the basic hosting features, as well as a subdomain.

Website can be established on the basis of CMS (content management system). Most often, the work of a designer is based on the SaaS (software as a service. SaaS is a model of software, in which the service provider takes over the development and maintenance of the software, allowing the user to access and use the software, without ability to manage it.
Since the user does not buy the program, but only leases its resources, it allows you to work with it at a lower cost, allowing you to save money. But with such a scheme, the user does not have access to the content, so does not have the possibility to load a website or move it to another hosting. As a consequence, the use of the website builders based on the SaaS sites can be regarded as a rent of a website, but not its possession.


  • easy process of creating a website;
  • separation of design and content;
  • WYSIWYG scheme (What You See Is What You Get.) – changes are visible in real time;
  • a variety of templates;
  • software maintenance and operation are performed by service providers;
  • low cost or even free of charge.


  • functionality of free rates is limited;
  • complexity of options deployment not offered by a website builder online;
  • difficulty or inability to transfer the created website to another hosting or platform;
  • the use of subdomains of service constructors instead of your own domain;
  • limited opportunities to promote your site in search engines;
  • the use of common templates is not conducive to the site individuality.

If your actual aim is, for example, a promo website or blog, website builder online is the solution!