Website builder UK

You can create a professional website based on any of the hundreds of templates in just several steps with the new website builder service. There is no need of learning PHP, HTML, CSS, and buying expensive CMS to create a website with the help of the website builder.
In fact, to create your own site is as easy as a pie. To do this you will need to pass only three simple steps.

First of all, you can use website builder UK free of charge and without time limits. However, free of charge rates, website builders offer, have restrictions in their functionality and available space. And only when you are sure that the service is right for you – you can pay for the further capabilities of the website builder you use.

Three steps of creating a website

Step 1 – Select the type of website you are planning to generate. It can be a website of a specialist in some field, a company website or online store. These types of websites differ in available functionality, which you can use in designing the site. You can always change the settings suggested in the template, add additional pages and modules, and to reorganize the structure of the website at your convenience.

Step 2 – Selecting a design for your website

At this step, you have to choose the design of your future website. You can choose the one from hundreds of templates. You can change the color scheme, menu styles, logo, etc. after that.

Step 3 – Filling your website with content

Now, after you have chosen design of the site and its structure, it’s time to fill it with content. At this stage you can add texts and edit them in different sections of your site using the convenient WYSIWYG editor, with the same familiar interface as in Microsoft Word. WYSIWYG is so simple that you do not need any knowledge of HTML.

Discounts and bonuses

Many popular website building platforms offer free-of-charge period for using their services. There are also plenty of active discounts and bonuses to get more clients. For example, if you pay for more than one month, you can get a good discount. So, you can use these bonuses to get your website almost for free!

Benefits from using website builder

  • Enormous quantity of ready-made sites and shops were designed in website builder!
  • Unbelievably huge quantity of templates that will perfectly suite your needs and goals in designing your own website!
  • Simple and easy to use content management system, which will be understood even by a child.
  • Hosting is already on, so, you do not need to order it separately.
  • Automatic promotion system in the search engines and many other advantages of using website builder!